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Flash Player 11 h.264 Encoder

Here is a basic application to test and compare the recently added h.264 encoder for the Flash Player 11, just type in your FMS/RED5/WOWZA server URL and test the video quality.
(it works only if you have flash player 11 installed)

[kml_flashembed publishmethod="dynamic" fversion="11.1.0" movie="http://www.flaxbin.com/h264.swf" width="700" height="500" targetclass="flashmovie" menu="false" quality="high" scale="noscale"]

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New VideoChat Application Running

Here is the VideoChat application in AS3 running on www.chatvideo.es (Spanish) check it out!

For more information or to get this application for your own site please contact the administrator.

Audio Conference Application

Audio Conference Chat Application

Please share or comment if you like this app :)

Initializing Camera (AS3)

This is how you get the camera using ActionScript 3.0, very useful for your Webcam/FMS related projects

package {

import flash.media.Camera;
import flash.media.Video;

public class createCamera extends Video {

private var camera:Camera;
private var camQ:int = 0;
private var FPS:int = 30;

public function createCamera (w:Number = 320, h:Number = 240)
this.width = w;
this.height = h;

public function startCamera():void
camera = Camera.getCamera();
camera.setQuality(0, camQ);
camera.setMode(this.width, this.height, FPS);


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